Why should you take a Maisie Cure?

Our body is designed to eliminate toxins naturally.

But pollution, smoking, stress, fatty food and caffeine, a few too many antibiotics and lack of sleep can slow this natural process down.

With Maisie Cures you can give your body, especially your liver, a break so that you can gather your strength and re-boost your system.

We have different cures to offer you, presented in 6 bottles of 500 ml/day. We recommend taking them during a restful period of a few days.

Once your body has got rid of the toxins that were making it sluggish, and is rehydrated, it’s stamina and vitality will return. You will re-boost your energy levels and your immune system.

This process of elimination is accompanied by high phytonutrient and mineral intake as Maisie juicies are raw, organic and cold-pressed using a juice extractor. 

A Maisie cure lasts 1, 2 or 3 days. It will provide you with around 1000 calories/day and this is why it is important once or twice a day to add Maisie nut shakes or home-made vegetarian milks which are protein-rich and will give you extra nutrition. If you are intolerant to nut milks you have the option of a rice milk shake.

The Maisie Agua Frescas will gently rehydrate your system and cleanse your liver morning and evening!

We make our Agua Fresca, refreshing flavored waters, from fresh juice, filtered water and alkaline which eliminates the main pollutants and counter-balances the excess acidity which builds up daily. The chia seeds that we add are a super food from Mexico which are rich in protein, Omega 3 and essential fatty acids.

After a cure you should gradually reintroduce healthy, balanced food and carry on hydrating yourself!


  • As soon as you wake up drink one agua fresca.
  • Drink your first juice 30 minutes later
  • At lunchtime drink the nutshake, and two hours later drink a juice
  • Take your last juice for dinner and your last agua fresca just before going to bed!

Recommendations : these cures are not suitable for pregnant women or diabetics. If you have any questions please contact us by email on