Stock up with vitamins & minerals


Choose one of our cures to drink over one or several days (maximum three days!) to detox your body for more vitality and energy.

How to choose your cure:
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Our BEST OF cures

For aficionados looking for an in-depth detox we present our three classics: Detox, Booster and Shine

Our HOT & COLD cures 

Do not hesitate and choose one of our new Hot & Cold offer where the benefits of vitamin juices and rehydrating aguas blend with the comforting and balanced warmth of our seasonal soups

Our SOUP A DAY cure

If you live a hundred miles an hour and haven’t got time to detox you can always rebalance your meals by choosing A Soup a Day where we deliver 6x 500ml portions to keep in your fridge or freezer.  This ensures a balanced meal a day with your fill of vegetables in less than two minutes!

* Maisie's is always seeking eco-friendly solutions. Our soups are delivered in 100% recyclable plastic bottles that are not to be used in the microwave! Remember to put them in a suitable cooking pot before reheating them.

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