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This special week, Maisie Café partnerships with The Flowerbx.

Hundreds of beautiful purple flowers have bloomed all over Maisie Café, as an ephemeral installation in the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week. Come discover it until March the 7th!

Maisie Café and The Flowerbx have organised a nice giveaway on their Instagram accounts. If you want to win a 6 months subscription at the Flowerbx and a special super healthy and delish breakfast for two at Maisies, check out our two Instagram accounts and follow the rules!

Good luck friends!



Stock up with vitamins & minerals


Choose one of our cures to drink over one or several days (maximum three days!) to detox your body for more vitality and energy.

How to choose your cure:
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Our BEST OF cures

For aficionados looking for an in-depth detox we present our three classics: Detox, Booster and Shine

Our HOT & COLD cures 

Do not hesitate and choose one of our new Hot & Cold offer where the benefits of vitamin juices and rehydrating aguas blend with the comforting and balanced warmth of our seasonal soups

Our SOUP A DAY cure

If you live a hundred miles an hour and haven’t got time to detox you can always rebalance your meals by choosing A Soup a Day where we deliver 6x 500ml portions to keep in your fridge or freezer.  This ensures a balanced meal a day with your fill of vegetables in less than two minutes!

* Maisie's is always seeking eco-friendly solutions. Our soups are delivered in 100% recyclable plastic bottles that are not to be used in the microwave! Remember to put them in a suitable cooking pot before reheating them.

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An organic juice cleanse to get into shape!


Our credo: a good diet is essential to keep up the spirits and give good energy levels to navigate the urban jungle


What juice for when ? 
Check it here !

Maisie Juices 

contain seasonal fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic, mixed with mineral rich veggie waters like coconut water. 


Maisie Nut Shakes 

are made from cashew or rice milk and can be a quick breakfast after your workout, a gourmet dessert or a snack full of nutritional goodies (nuts, cereals, vegetables or fruits)

Maisie Agua Frescas 

are made out of lemon, fruit or seasonal vegetables. These drinks with no added sugars get to work toning your body as of breakfast.  




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Smart snacking !

Maisie juices, nut shakes and agua frescas come alone with our daily essentials.  


Maisie Granolas

are flavoured with coconut and made up of a delicious mixture of gluten-free cereals, nuts, dried fruit or raw cocoa chips and baked at low temperature to give an irresistible crunch.

Maisie Energy Balls

are raw truffles made from vegetable pulp, raw cocoa, dates and cashews, scented with coffee, coco or matcha. Small balls of energy!

Maisie Crackers

contain chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pink salt, pepper, fennel and buckwheat seeds.










Coffee shop & Juice bar

Welcome to Maisie Café, our coffee shop in Paris!

Come to rue du Mont Thabor, in the heart of Paris, a stone's throw from the Ritz and Colette and discover our cold pressed organic juices every morning. Relax on the spot or discover our take away offer of fresh and crisp salads, seasonal homemade soups, gluten-free focaccia from Chambelland garnished with cashew cream and fresh vegetables ...

A menu,  recipes and balance! 

Discover your favourite organic juices created by our chef, our vegetarian nut shakes or our flavoured agua fresca, not forgetting the MAISIE breakfast attraction: the house granola!

Delivery: in Paris, from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm

Maisie is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 11am to 5pm

Tel: 01 40 39 99 16 - email:

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At MAISIE, we do everything to be the highlight of your morning and strive we keep your energy levels for the entire day!

With a juice of your choice, you can also choose a Maisie granola (low temperature cooked gluten free granola, seasonal fruits and vegetable milk), an avocado spread, a Maisie porridge or a breakfast bowl:

  • Acai Delight: house granola, acai, banana, seasonal fruits, mixed seeds and vegetable milk
  • Matcha Green: homemade granola, matcha powder, banana, seasonal fruits, mixed seeds and vegetable milk
  • Seasonal Fruits: house granola, turmeric, banana, seasonal fruits, mixed seeds and vegetable milk



At MAISIE, the menu is seasonal and varied!

Salads, outdoing each other in deliciousness: greens, brown rice, quinoa, lentils or soba; soups, all made from fresh vegetables, homemade veggie broths and seed mixtures; focaccia, all made with the gluten-free bread from Chambelland, the baker: Mediterraneo, Avocado or Houmous, there’s plenty to chose from...

Not to mention our divine desserts, raw chocolate mousse based on silky tofu and raw chocolate, our gluten-free pie or rice pudding.

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A delivery at home and in the office

We deliver in Paris, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Order online here or by telephone: for your meetings, your brainstormings, or your weekend detox, your lunches with friends ... just click, we take care of the rest!

01 40 39 99 16



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