Spoilt for choice?

Here’s Doctor MAISIE’s prescription!

  • Cleanse Juice: for a shot of greens in the morning
  • Clear Juice: for an all day detox effect, and .......... the morning after
  • Go Juice: for that 11 o'clock drop in energy
  • Shine Juice: for those tough mornings where you might feel a tad groggy
  • Orange Squeeze: the 11 am pick-me-up 
  • Espresso Shake: the anti-fatigue remedy for early afternoons and after sports
  • Avocado Shake: the super nutritional lunch snack
  • Banana Shake: the teatime pick-me-up for flagging energy levels 
  • Matcha Shake: the end of day treat or getting ready for another meeting 
  • Lemon Cure: keeping the the chills at bay throughout the day
  • Cucumber Detox: for better daily hydration